• USA, New York City
  • Born in:1993
  • Assistant since:2020
  • Driving licence:Car
  • Personal car:personal car available
  • Passport:yes
  • Languages:English

Digital Tech

Efrain Muniz

People, Portrait, Location Scout, Fashion, Beauty, Stillife, Food

Know How:


Proficient in industry-standard software such as Capture One, Photoshop, Illustrator, Davinci Resolve, Premiere Pro, Chronosync, and File Management for efficient post-processing and streamlined workflow.

Camera & Lighting:

Experienced with top camera brands like Phase One, Canon, Nikon, Sinar, Black Magic, and Mamyia, capturing high-quality images with precision and control.
Skilled in utilizing advanced lighting equipment from Profoto, Broncolor, Aputure Lights, and ARRI, creating impactful visual setups.
Proficient in photography grip/rigging techniques, employing various tools and accessories to manipulate equipment for achieving specific shots

and effects.


Specialized in on-location portraiture, fashion, celebrity portraits, beauty and cosmetics still life, food, and e-commerce photography, delivering captivating visuals that convey desired narratives.

Photo Assistant:

Well-versed in photo assisting duties, including equipment setup, organization, and maintenance to ensure efficient workflow and smooth operation during shoots.
Knowledgeable in light metering, reflector/diffuser placement, and other assisting techniques to assist in achieving desired lighting effects.
Proficient in managing props, wardrobe, and other logistics, ensuring a seamless photoshoot experience for both the photographer and subjects.

References as assistant / Career

I'm a seasoned photography professional with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Photography from the Art Institute of San Antonio. Over the past three years, I've had the privilege of working alongside talented photographers like Matthew Chaves, Weston Wells, and David Schulze. Together, we've taken on exciting projects for notable brands such as Ralph Lauren, Fenty Beauty, Kylie Cosmetics, and Neutrogena. I've honed my skills and gained valuable experience throughout my journey.

Weston Wells, Digital Photo Tech, more than 1 year
Matthew Chaves, Photo Assistant, more than 1 year
David Schulze, Digital Photo Tech, more than 1 year


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