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  • USA, Dallas
  • Born in:1988
  • Assistant since:2011
  • Driving licence:Car
  • Personal car:personal car available
  • Passport:yes
  • Languages:English, Spanish

Digital Tech

Araceli Jaime

People, Portrait, Architecture, Location Scout, Fashion, Beauty, Prod. Assistant, Stillife, Food, Landscape, International Exp.

Know How:

I have over 13 years of experience in the commercial photography industry. I've worked for big and small corporate clients. The larger corporate clients include Neiman Marcus (where I have worked as a freelancer and associate), Pier 1 Imports, JCPenney, Frito-Lay, FedEx, etc.

I extremely proficient at Capture One and Adobe Photoshop. But I also have a good level of proficiency in Lightroom as well as Adobe Premier Pro.

I normally

work with Profoto lighting, Elinchromes, continuous lighting, stobes, key light, hair light, you name it.

I use a macbook for digiteching. I typically rent extra equipment. A larger screen for the photographer to see and another one for the clients to look at.

I have the technical as well personable qualities needed for an on-figure and/or product shoot. I understand my role and have a pleasant but hard working personality.

References as assistant / Career

Neiman Marcus & Bergdorf Goodman
Lead Digital Photo Technician| MAR 2021 – Present
• Supervise a team of 9 digital techs. I work in a fast-paced e-commerce studio environment processing over 400 images a day. Each image needs to be color tagged, renamed, adjusted and sent off for approval and editing. My involvement in on-figure RTW, editorial and product photo shoots utilizes my expert knowledge in Capture one, Adobe Suite, Canon cameras, Profoto lighting and digital asset management or metadata. Additionally, I act as a regular liaison with multiple distinct departments and all other parties involved in the photo shoot via Google Suite, Slack, and regular phone and email correspondence.
Freelance (Self-Employed)
Photographer, Digital Image Technician, Image Retoucher | AUG 2011-SEPT 2016; JAN 2018 – MAR 2021
? As a photographer I am responsible for producing, location scouting, lighting, shooting, art directing and editing digital photography. As a tech (see above)

Retouching requires extensive knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, in addition to file management and the delivery of final images to the appropriate department.
Kick Pleat
Web Content Manager – AUG 2016 – DEC 2017
I was responsible for all operations in the e-commerce department of this boutique clothing retailer with average sales of 2 million per year. A sample of my duties included producing photo shoots, merchandise coordinating and post production retouching.
I maintained the applications and systems that keep the website operational and successful. My introduction of data analytics and SEOs increased exposure of the website by 1000% which led to a large influx of new customers and an increase in profits.
AUGUST 2006 – AUGUST 2010
Bachelor of Arts in Plan II Honors
Bachelor of Journalism in Photojournalism
Film and Television of the Academy of Performing Arts (FAMU)
JUN 2008 - AUG 2008, PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC Courses: Czech Republic Film History, Documentary Photography


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