• USA, Los Angeles
  • Born in:1984
  • Assistant since:2011
  • Driving licence:Car
  • Personal car:personal car available
  • Passport:yes
  • Languages:English, Spanish

Photo Assistant, Digital Tech

Jonathan Labez

People, Portrait, Architecture, Fashion, Beauty, Prod. Assistant, Stillife, Food, Transportation

Know How:

The core of my training comes from Milk Studios LA, working under their digital department. I went on to spend a year under Celebrity and Fashion photographer Vijat Mohindra as his in house digitech/first assistant. I have taken Digital Transitions Capture One Masters Program. I've previously worked for Los Angeles County Museum of Art's Photographic department and as Digital Manager at a Public Relations agency that repped models/photographers.

I'm oftentimes the person other photographers/creatives reach out to about problem solve their technical issues and answer questions on lighting. Oftentimes at odd hours.

It isn't unusual to get texts at 2 AM from someone on the opposite coast asking how to trouble shoot a hard drive or a call at 10 PM about deconstructing lighting for a shoot I'm not even on.

Grip and gear available for shoots includes:
Maxed out 15" Macbook Pro
24" NEC Monitor
20" Apple Cinema Display
Magliner with shelves
Profoto Lighting (battery powered packs 7b and Acuteb 600s)
Mola Rayo and Sollo w/ opal glass
Profoto Ring Flash w/ widesoft reflector
C Stands w/arms
Light stands
Mini boom
Vagabond mini
Pocketwizard ii & iiis

Grip list upon request.

References as assistant / Career

In my personal photography, I've worked 10 years shooting for skate magazines and brands. I've had the chance to photograph my child heroes, have ONE Magazine honored me as 'Photographer of the Year for 2014', and most recently became an Associate Photo Editor/Staff Photographer for Be-Mag.com.

Milk Studios, Digital Photo Tech, 0-6 months
Vijat Mohindra, Digital Photo Tech, more than 1 year
Dan Busta, Photo Assistant, 1-5 jobs
Liz Collins, Photo Assistant, 1-5 jobs
Wes Klain, Digital Photo Tech, more than 1 year
Benjamin Von Wong, Photo Assistant, 1-5 jobs
Bond Agency, Digital Photo Tech, more than 1 year
Emari Traffie, Digital Photo Tech, more than 1 year
Beth Sternbaum, Digital Photo Tech, more than 1 year
Jeff Linett, Photo Assistant, 1-5 jobs
Bukunmi Grace, Photo Assistant, 1-5 jobs
Jean Marie Biele, Photo Assistant, more than 5 jobs
John Russo, production assistant, 0-6 months
Brian Ingram, Photo Assistant, 1-5 jobs
Djeneba Aduayom, Digital Photo Tech, 1-5 jobs


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