• USA, Los Angeles
  • Born in:1982
  • Assistant since:2015
  • Driving licence:Car
  • Personal car:personal car available
  • Passport:yes
  • Languages:English

Photo Assistant

Joe Elgar

People, Portrait, Fashion, Beauty, Prod. Assistant, Stillife, Food

Know How:

What I know and can bring:
Einsteins or any PCB
Coil stingers properly
Great music taste
Stand in for models

and look fabulous
Great set etiquette
Clean driving record
How to electric slide, running man, and 80s 90s pop culture.

References as assistant / Career

I have a BA from CSU Sacramento for Communications.

I went to Santa Monica college for 2 semesters, started assisting thru my mentor Anthony Nex, left school and assisted as much as possible while being a crew members at Trader Joe’s ( who doesn’t like Trader Joe’s). They finally let me quit after trying 4 times. So I assist full time now, also trying to be a plus size male model on the side.

Anthony Nex, Employed Photo Assistant, more than 1 year
Mark Laita, Photo Assistant, more than 1 year
Hunter Freeman, Photo Assistant, 6-12 months
Kremer and Johnson, Photo Assistant, 1-5 jobs
Jim Purdum, Photo Assistant, more than 5 jobs
Dawn Dicarlo, Photo Assistant, more than 5 jobs
Travis Mccoy, Photo Assistant, more than 1 year


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