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  • USA, Los Angeles
  • Born in:1981
  • Assistant since:2002
  • Driving licence:Car
  • Personal car:personal car available
  • Passport:yes
  • Languages:English

Photo Assistant, Digital Tech

Michael Sorrell

People, Portrait, Architecture, Fashion, Beauty, Prod. Assistant, Landscape

Know How:

Heavily experienced location assistant. Very familiar with most lighting systems (Profoto, Speedotron, Dynalite, Lowell, Kinoflow, etc), experienced in operation and setup of most still camera brands/platforms (Canon, Nikon, Sony, Phase One, etc). Experience using digital 4x5 systems. Proficient in Photoshop, Capture One and Lightroom. Excellent at file management and creative problem solving.

I can do most tasks on a set or location. I have been freelance assisting and shooting since

2002, transitioning from film to digital. I can lift heavy stuff, stand up all day, I have a good disposition and can direct/manage other assistants on larger productions efficiently and professionally.

I have worked with as an assistant, DigiTech, cameraman, location scout for Barbara Kraft since 2002.

I have an expert knowledge in traveling with large amounts of gear to other countries, navigating customs and setting up accurate ATA carnets.

References as assistant / Career

Graduated Full Sail Real World Education in 2001 and have been a full-time photo assistant ever since.

Barbara Kraft, Employed Photo Assistant, more than 1 year
Randy Galligan, Employed Photo Assistant, more than 1 year


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