• USA, Phoenix
  • Born in:1976
  • Assistant since:1999
  • Driving licence:Car
  • Personal car:personal car available
  • Passport:yes
  • Languages:English

Photo Assistant, Digital Tech

Mike Leland

People, Portrait, Architecture

Know How:

Experienced with most digital stills cameras in all formats including 645 format (Phase One) and technical cameras (Both plate style and bellows style view cameras.

Experienced with entire Profoto line. Including all packs and monolights and all modifiers including the obscure (Hard box, Pro box, pancakes) and all hard modifiers, especially when combined with frames & textiles.

Experienced with Broncolor para.

Available (Owned) Equipment:

Camera system:
Phase One XF system with

IQ3100. 120mm Blue Ring Macro, 80mm Blue Ring, 35mm Blue Ring, 28mm.

Production cart:
Inovativ Apollo 40 EVO

Profoto Pro Twin-Head (x1)
Profoto Pro Head (x1)
Profoto Acute/D4 Heads (x2)
Profoto Acute B Heads (x2)

Profoto B3 Packs (x2)
Profoto Acute B2 Packs (x3)
Profoto B2 (250ws) Packs (x3) plus 5 heads

Lighting modifiers:
Broncolor Para 133
Broncolor Para 88

Profoto Narrow Beam
Profoto Magnum
Zoom reflectors

Various grip including C-stands, Combo stands & booms. (I usually rent for larger productions.

References as assistant / Career

Working pro since 1998. TV/Music industry, Architectural for publication.


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