• Spain, Barcelona
  • Born in:1973
  • Assistant since:2017
  • Driving licence:Car
  • Personal car:personal car available
  • Passport:yes
  • Languages:English, French, Spanish

Photo Assistant, Digital Tech

Xavier Boet Serra

People, Portrait, Fashion, Beauty, Reportage

Know How:

I am Phase One Certified Professional, and I know most of all cameras as Phase One, Canon, Sony, Fuji Film and Nikon. Usually I work with Profoto flashes, but with Bowens, Godox and Elinchrom too, and HMI lights and tungsten lights, like Arri or De Sisti brands.
I use well the gimbal as Crane 3 Lab and similar.
I am skilled in video too, and I did fashion films, corporate videos and videoclips.
I use the Adobe Creative Cloud and Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects, Lightroom, Bridge, and Indesign are what I know better. But most of my time I use,

in a proficiency level, the Capture One Pro because I am POCP.
My great skill is I have always a good attitude and I solve the problems in a fluent and responsible manner.
I am able to travel and work well in any team I join. I am openminded and tolerant with everyone and in all kinds of situations. I have a huge background in photography, design and art.
I know good all the platforms as Windows and IOS. I know well the digital marketing, and the social media as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Litmind, and Google Analytics and Word Press.

References as assistant / Career

I am Bachelor of Fine Arts (where I began to study analogically photography) and I have a Master Degree in Photography and Design (where I retake the path of photography), and I studied a Postgraduate in Advertising and Corporate Photography (where I specialized in fashion and portrait).
I know better the fashion, portrait, product and event photography and the capture and postproduction of video.
I have many other education as courses of photography, graphic design and some relative of fine arts.
I work and I have worked with the photographers Jaume de Laiguana, Jordi Blancafort, Luis Padilla, and Leila Cherifi. Doing fashion, portrait and product photography as digital tech and photo assistant. I work as event photographer since 2015.

Jaume de Laiguna, Digital Photo Tech, more than 1 year
Jordi Blancafort, Digital Photo Tech, more than 1 year
Luis Padilla, Digital Photo Tech, more than 1 year


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